The world we knew has changed fundamentally. Blah blah blah. You know it. We know it. Why belabor the point? What to do next is what’s hard to wrap our arms around–especially at a distance. 

Sure, we could go back to old practices, modifying them to move meetings online and with children or a dog underfoot, yet that feels like dinking around the edges, which would waste time.

We are a team of collaborators and connectors, thought-leaders and inventors, who have worked unconventionally for years. While we felt stunned by the sudden shift underway, we were immediately able to help others find their footing.

So here we are, called into action, together, sometimes as a pair, other times as a posse. We use our decades of experience working with people ready for a better future to get on with it. Sometimes quietly, other times with a splash.

We pride ourselves on simple and elegant solutions, deeply rooted in community, with as few overhead costs as possible. We have no interest in you growing dependent on us or hosting day-long meetings. Life’s too short. 

Instead, we stand-up new networks fast and cherry-pick impactful projects, improving systems that form the basis of a world we want to live in. We prioritize doing good over doing well, laugh often, and join forces each day so we’re excited again to get out of bed. Someday soon, together, the world may feel as comfortable for everyone.


Our process is straightforward. 

  1. Invitation: You reach out or we contact you.
  2. Instantiation: We listen and learn (2 people or a small group).
  3. Initiation: We get to work on what’s next.

Let us know how we might help. Call, write, or text.