Jack Dewey

Jack Dewey is a perpetual motion machine, engaged in a lifelong quest to experience as much as possible, always seeking opportunities to stretch himself to touch the world just beyond his reach. 

No matter the venue, he’s looking beyond what others see to test himself and try what’s new.

With a specific interest in global impact investing and sustainable enterprise, at a young age he set out to broaden his worldview. He pursued and was selected as a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholar (CBYX) for a year of study in Düsseldorf, Germany where he was able to focus on local politics and learn the German language.

He also spent a summer as a Japan-US Senate Youth Exchange Scholar (JUSSE) studying with Japanese students in Akita, Japan. 

In the U.S. he continued pursuing a path to understand different cultures and local issues on a global scale as a sustainability intern for the Albuquerque Mayor’s office where he piloted a task force to implement legislation focused on renewable energy financing.

For several years he taught English as a second language at the Center for New North Carolinians in Greensboro, a local refugee center with a predominantly Nepali community. As his Eagle Scout project, he created an outdoor study area for the center, too. 

As a Morehead-Cain Scholar at University of North Carolina, he is creating his own major in global crises. During the pandemic, he is taking a year off from school, and serving as a Normal>Next Fall Associate, with a deep interest in working through the extreme changes society is going through.

As a member of the University of North Carolina’s effective altruism fellowship, he looked at how individuals and organizations can do the most good with their finite resources.

In his free time, he runs and mountain bikes. He is a member of the UNC INCS improv troupe, and recently gained a new passion for horse riding after working as a horse wrangler on a Utah ranch.