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Normal Next is looking for dynamic, inquisitive, and motivated Interns eager to help address complex social, environmental, and economic challenges facing our communities and world. You will work alongside seasoned professionals (remotely) on real-life problems and join a cohort of young people who receive in-depth training on design thinking, project management, remote productivity, capturing oral histories, professional presentations, systems thinking, and related disciplines. While many programs are now virtual by necessity, this program is intentionally remote and flexible.

Past cohorts have helped devise new mechanisms for foundations and nonprofits to respond more effectively to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, designed a new platform to network public health leaders across the country, and forged a vision for a new type of music museum bridging racial and cultural divides. Future projects may include developing resiliency plans for a large coastal city affected by climate change and studying how best to make rural broadband readily available. 

Each project reflects the seismic shifts society faces and gives careful attention to equity and inclusion. In the process you will study the root causes of specific social problems and help devise solutions and creative alternatives to the status quo. You will receive a monthly stipend, be treated as a full team member from the start, and you will never be asked to get coffee or do busywork. We believe that making a dent in the universe requires everyone’s voice and contribution—including yours. In exchange, we will teach you how to get an audience and make lasting change. 

To be successful you will need to be a self-starter, comfortable with ambiguity, managing competing priorities, and as interested in leading as in lending a hand. You will be involved in launching new projects and helping with programs underway.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Fulfill tasks initiated by Normal>Next principals and project managers.
  • Participate actively in meetings, take minutes, and coordinate tasks with peers.
  • Apply the design thinking process to projects (develop problem statements, conduct interviews, compare existing programs, iterate solutions, and write briefs).
  • Conduct formal interviews and make presentations to clients. 
  • Develop playbooks, feedback sessions, video clips, and tool kits.

Internship Prerequisites

To be eligible for the Normal>Next internship, you should be:

  • an undergrad or grad student between terms, taking time off from school, or figuring out what’s next after graduation
  • passionate about improving the world around you (at a local or global level)
  • eager to work on various projects that Normal>Next has taken on
  • skilled in verbal and written communication skills
  • interested in joining a team to both lead and take direction
  • comfortable multitasking
  • able to cope well under pressure
  • working from a safe location with good wifi and video capabilities.

Time Commitment

Some projects come with a fairly consistent time requirement, many projects don’t. While our approach is flexible, you should be available for some meetings during traditional work hours. Teams will agree upon the time needed for each phrase at the outset, accommodating interns’ calendars as best possible, yet expecting this may also require non-traditional scheduling and at times long hours. To date, workweeks have varied from 20-40 hours and have begun each day with a full team check-in at 10am ET.

Program Duration

The program is timeboxed by seasons and/or terms, with some projects being transitioned from one team to another across several cohorts. Interns will generally work with Normal>Next for 2 to 4 months.

At this time we are pausing our recruitment of new interns for the summer of 2021. Please feel free to send your resume & cover letter in the meantime and you will be on the contact list when we announce the resumption of the Normal Next internship program in the future. Thank you for your interest in Normal Next.

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